​​WingTsun London​​

12 months course

The one year course is something we offer to those who don't just want to get good quickly but want to really engage in the depths of Wing Tsun. The material taught covers all the types of street attacks including knife defence, multiple assailants and ground fighting you will be tested regularly in free fighting to ensure you can calmly deal with a skilled attacker. The unique training method of Wing Tsun called Chi Sau (sticky hands) will be also part of the material, giving you the technical abilities you can not even imagine. Theoretical lessons will be part of the teaching too in great depth so not just your body but your mind is also prepared. The more advanced material in Wing Tsun -physical and theoretical- can only be understood and applied by people who are ready to work hard and overcome their weaknesses. Our experienced teachers will always help you to become the best version of you but as the wise Master says they could only give one of the halves.. the other half has to be you. 

Course price: £819 - includes insurance uniform pack (2 t- shirts and a chest protector

Monthly payment is also available as follows: 

Uniform and insurance: £79

Training fee: £70/month

The course is in multiple locations in central London and offers 8.5 hours of training per week. Participants can decide how many hours they are able to train, but to get the most out of this short course we recommend attending as many classes as possible. 

The Teachers note: 

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a martial art that takes years to master. With short and intensive training like these you will experience a rapid growth of physical and mental abilities (strength, skills, confidence, calmness), however to maintain or further progress, regular training is necessary. Doing even a one day course can potentially save your life but you will not become a master not after 3 months and not after a one year course. 

Training Wing Tsun is a great way of self defence, it's good for your health and will improve your life in many ways. 

We look forward to seeing you in class!