​​WingTsun London​​

The ultimate all round activity for your company - just imagine a type of sport or exercise which all of your employees can enjoy. Our clients are usually companies who wants to offer something else to their employees other than yoga - let's be honest, it's not everyones cup of tea..  

Of course you can say the same thing about martial arts - well most of them at least. No matter what kind of experience you are looking for, we have got it covered and here we have a few examples: 

- most women don't like to do martial arts! 

 sure, until they see Wing Tsun! This is the only martial art that was ever created by women, so the techniques and the logic of the art is really on the same wavelength and is actually easier to learn if you are a female

- too intimidating to join for most people

 the first training will prove this wrong. We always make sure that everyone has a good time, no matter the level or experience. People who are more timid will receive special attention to make sure they understand they are in safe hands.

hard and physical or soft and gentle? 

 because Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a martial art, it has multiple aspects. If someone is interested in the fighting, more brutal side of the style, we can make sure he fully experiences it in a controlled safe way. 

 people more into the spiritual, meditative side will also have many many exercises they can learn and practise

To get the most out of Wing Tsun training the best of course is if one gets involved with all aspects - after years of teaching, we have seen people go through such dramatic changes, we still can't believe our eyes.