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It is important for us to help people understand what Wing Tsun Kung Fu is, how it`s taught and help everyone have a go regardless of age, physical fitness or background. If you have previously attended any other Wing Tsun/Wing Chun classes it is a good opportunity to start your training again and get an insight of what benefits you will have by training at our schools. See some examples of this below:

-Technical training - effective self defence knowledge that you can use in real life situations - straight away

As Wing Tsun builds on agility, speed and intelligent movements it is the best martial art for women, children and people with a weaker physique. It is also the only style that was created by a woman! 

-Strengthening and cardiovascular exercises - Do you think you are not fit enough to start training? We will tailor the exercises around your abilities to get you there! In our classes you will meet students of all ages up to the 70`s so we really know how to slowly build up your fitness to a good level.

With our more experienced students it`s a great workout even for the fittest, just push yourself to the limits and have your sessions as hardcore as you can go 

-Wing Tsun forms - practising the forms help you understand the defensive and attacking techniques and strikes. After the forms are learnt you can practise them at home and get better and better every day

-Great community - our students come from all over and from various backgrounds creating an interesting and helpful group. It is a lot of fun to train in the classes and will be something you can look forward to week in week out

Why are we doing this? 

It is a great opportunity for us to introduce Wing Tsun Kung Fu to the public and give them a chance in a potentially dangerous situation. If we can help you avoid a conflict or get out unhurt from one we have already accomplished a great thing.  Click here to see which days we have training on.

What`s next? 

All you need to do now is click on the button below, fill in your details and we will call you within 24hrs to book you in for one of our weekday classes. Ensure your details are correct as we will have no other means of contacting you. 

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