​​WingTsun London​​

​Kung Fu Fitness

These short duration classes are excellent for those who want to get fit, lose weight, boost confidence in a short period of time.

Using ancient exercises developed and practised for over 1500 years by the shaolin monks we will show you how easily you can achieve great results - whatever your goal is. 

The classes consist of high tempo energy boosting exercises, that are easy to learn even for complete beginners. You do not need to be fit or flexible and the level of intensity will always be suited to your level. The techniques used during the classes are the same that are applied in the art of Wing Tsun Kung Fu - simple, effective strikes, using the whole body. 

Kicks, punches, chops, elbows, knees even shoulder strikes will provide interesting, exciting and challenging atmosphere - but do not worry: in our classes nobody ever gets hurt or left behind. Simply because we are a really good bunch. 

After just a couple of classes you will notice the benefits of the training, making you look forward to the next class. 

With our highly experienced instructors you are always in safe hands and if you fall in love - and you will -with the classes, principles, traditional approach that is so rare to find nowadays, you are welcome to join further lessons that focus more on self defence and the deeper understanding of Kung Fu. 

If you would like to meet us just fill in the form below and we will book you a place on the next available class.