Uniform & Signup 

Insurance + Tshirt   £59

Insurance + 2 T-shirts + Chestguard   £89

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Pay as You Go Classes - £15/each

Once a Week Membership - £45/month (1 class per week)

Twice a Week Membership - £60/month (2 classes per week)

​Unlimited Membership - £70/month (3 + classes per week) 

Student Membership: £45/unlimited classes

Children's Classes: £45 per month 

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​Family Memberships​

Once A Week for 2 members - £80 (save £10)

Twice a week for 2 members - £100 (save £20)

Unlimited for 2 members - £110 (save £30)

Terms and conditions: 

All of our classes are running on monthly payment basis (except pay as you go). Payments for each month will have to be paid by standing order on the same day every month, usually the date you begin training. 

Our schools charge for insurance only upon joining and thereafter your insurance is covered by the 12 monthly payments you make in a year (except pay as you go).

Short holiday periods might be in place, in which case students are always allowed to train extra hours before and after the break to ensure their paid hours are not lost.