Pay as You Go Classes - £15/each (2hrs class)

Once a Week Membership - £45/month (2hrs/week)

Twice a Week Membership - £60/month (4hrs/week)

​Unlimited Membership - £70/month (6hrs+/week) 

Student Membership: £45/unlimited classes

Children's Classes: £45/two classes per week

​Family Memberships

Once A Week for 2 members - £80 (save £10)

Twice a week for 2 members - £100 (save £20)

Unlimited for 2 members - £110 (save £30)

​​WingTsun London​​

Uniform & Signup 


Insurance + T-shirt  £39


Insurance + 2 T-shirts + Chestguard  £69


Insurance + 2 T-shirts + Chestguard + Trousers + Hoodie  £99

Women's self defence courses

This course is designed for women. Over 8 hours we are focusing on dangerous situations you might find yourself in and show you how to handle each of these. Be it verbal, escape or counter attacking, we are going to show you and teach you how to win in the most hostile of environments, using intelligent, fast and powerful techniques. This course covers hand to hand combat and knife defence techniques. 

​Price: £120