Names, terms and principals

Wing Tsun- beautiful springtime

Kung Fu - hard work

Shaolin- rare forest

Kuen - fist

Kwok Sat- collective name of martial arts

Chi - internal energy

Chi-Kung - internal kung fu practise, breathing exercises


​Hoi-Ma - making the stance
Yue-Pei - stand up straight
Sau-Chung - hands up in fighting position
Sau-Sik - withdrawal of the fist (at the end of the forms)


The five most important forces
Yuen-dai-lik  - low elbow force
Yan-Cheung- soft palm force
Cheung-kiu-lik - long bridge force
Siu-kiu-lik - short bridge force
Kwai-dai-lik  - low knee force


Cantonese numbers

1 yat

2 yee

3 saam

4 sei 

5 ng

6 look

7 chat 

8 bart

​9 gou

10 sap


Bart-Cham-Dao - eight cutting swords
Biu-Jee-Sau- flying fingers
Bong-Gerk - wing leg
Bong-Sau - wing arm
Boon-Huen-Sau - half circling hand
Chum Kiu - seeking the bridge (second form)
Chang-Sau - spade hand
Cheung-Kiu - long bridge
Chi-Dan-Sau - one handed sticky hand
Chi-Gerk - sticky legs 
Chi-Kwan - sticking with the poles
Chin-Gum-Sau - front pinning hands
Chi-Sau - sticky hands
Chuen-Sau-Kiu - spear arms
Chung-Sum-Sin - centre line
Dai-Bong-Sau - low bong sau
Dai-Wong-Cheung - low side palm 
Ding-Jarn - pinning elbow
Fak- Sau - whisking arm
Farn-Cheung - reverse palm
Fook-Sau - bridging hand
Fai-Gerk - whipping leg
Fong-Lam-choi  - Phoenix eye strike
Gaun-Sau - splitting hand
Gum-Sau - pinning hand
Hau-Gum-Sau - back pinning hand
Hau-Jarn - back elbow
Huen-Bo - circling step
Huen-Dao - circling knives
Huen-Got-Sau- circling cutting hand
Huen-Sau - circling hand
Jik-Cheung - straight palm
Jik-Chan-Gerk - straight kick
Jum-Sau - sinking elbow
Ju-Sun-Kuen - changing punch
Ju-Sun-Ma - turning stance
Ju-Sun-Gum-Sau - turning gum sau
Juen-Sun-Gerk - 45 degree kick
Jut-Sau - jerking hand
Kau-Bo - flanking step
Kau Sau - flanking hand
Kiu-dai-Kuen - -under the bridge punch
Kop-Jarn - over the head elbow
Kuen - fist/punch
Kuo-Sau  - following hands, sections practised in order
Kwai-gerk - knee strike
Kwai-jarn - kneeling elbow
Kwan-sau - rotating arms 

Lan-Sau - bar arm
Lap-Sau - grabbing hand
Lat-Sau - free hand
Lat-Bo - free step
Lau-Sau - scooping hand
Lin-Wan-Kuen - chain punches
Look-Dim-Boon-Kwun - six and a half point pole
Man-Sau - inquisitive hand
Mui-Fa-Chong - plum blossom dummy
Muk-Yan-Chong - wooden dummy
Muk-Yan-Chong-Fat - the form of wooden dummy
Nau-Sau - twisting hands
Nuk-Sau - swinging hands, sections practised freely 
Ng-Lui-Kuen - five thunder punches 
Oi-Moon-Huen-Sau - outside gate circling hand
Pak-Sau - slapping hand
Pai-Jarn - cutting elbow
Pow-Pai-Cheung - holding the torso hands
Poon-sau - rolling hands
Pow-Chui-Kuen - lifting punch
Saam-Kok-Bo - triangle step
Saam-Pai-Fut - praying thrice to Buddha
Saam-Sing-Chong - three star dummy
Sat-Geng-Sau - throat cutting hand
Sau-Chung - fighting hand positions
Sau-Sik - hands down 
Sei-Ping-Ma - horse riding stance
Siu-Nim-Tau - the way of the little idea


Tan-Sau - beggars palm
Tie-Sau - rising hand
Tien-Kiu-Kuen - jumping punch
Tut -Sau - freeing hand
Wong-Cheung - side palm
Wong-Cheng-Gerk - side kick
Woon-Sau - changing hands
Wu Sau - protecting hands
Yan-Cheung (Jik-Cheung) -straight palm
Yat-Chi-Chung-Kuen - character sun thrusting punch
Yee-Chi-Kim-Yeung-Ma - character 2 goat riding stance
Yue-Pei - stand up straight

siu nim tau - the way of the little idea

We offer this page to all of the serious practitioners of our schools. May your Wing Tsun journey be as long and beautiful as ours.

​Learning Wing tsun kung fu

Learning Wing Tsun Kung Fu is very beneficial in a number of ways.

First of all you learn how to fight, there is just no two ways about it. If you are attending our classes you must learn how to punch and kick to a high standard, how to defend and counter attack against all kinds of attacks that you could ever face. In class you practise lots of scenarios, lots of basic and advanced techniques in a controlled and safe environment, however there is always plenty of contact.

Once you reach a good understanding of the techniques you will be advised to attend advanced classes where we practise higher level techniques (Chi Sau) and free fighting. 

​Free fighting is where you really test yourself. While this is still in a controlled environment, protective gear such as headguard and gloves must be worn to avoid serious injuries.  

If you commit to it we can guarantee that you will start seeing massive changes to how you ​feel in your skin, how much more confident you are, how much better you know your own body, how much fitter, faster and stronger you are.

The truth is that learning Wing Tsun takes dedication. A good practitioner will spend 6-8 hours a week in class training the art for years and years exploring the amazing depths of Wing Tsun. A seriously good practitioner will train over 20 hours a week. Fitness is just one part of what we do, but technical maximum is the minimum for us so the polishing of the techniques we do, can be limitless. We believe that no matter how many times you practise a punch or a kick it can always be better. As Bruce Lee famously said: 'I fear the man who practised one kick ten thousand times, not the man who knows ten thousand types of kicks'

​​WingTsun London​​

​-Hoi Ma - Make your Stance 

​-Yee Chi Kim Yeung Ma - Character 2 goat riding stance

Part 1.

1. Tan Sau - beggars palm

​2. Gaun Sau - splitting arm

3. Kwun Sau - rotating arm

4. Hau Jarn - back elbow

1. Yat Chi Chong Kuen - character sun thrusting punch

​2. Huen Sau - circling hand

3. Hau Jarn

Repeat on the right

1.Tan Sau - beggars palm

2. Huen Sau- circling hand

3. Wu Sau - protecting hand

​4. Fook Sau - bridging hand

Repeat 3 times 

5. Pak Sau - slapping hand

6. Jik Cheung - front erect palm

7. Huen Sau

8. Hau Jarn

Repeat on the right

Part 2.

1. Ju Gum Sau left and right hand - side pinning hand

2. Hau Gum Sau - back pining hand

​3. Ching Gum Sau - front pinning hand

4. Lan Sau - bar arm

5. Fat Sau - whisking arm 

6. Lan Sau

7. Jum Sau- sinking elbow

8. Tan Sau

9. Jut Sau - jerking hand 

​10. Biu Jee Sau - eyestrike

11. Chong Kiu -long bridges

12. Tie Sau - rising arm

13. Hau Jarn

Part 3.

1. Pak Sau

2. Wu Sau

3. Wong Cheung - sidewise palm

4. Huen Sau

5. Hau Jarn

Repeat on the right

6. Tan Sau

7. Jum Sau

8. Gwat Sau - wiping hand

9. Lau Sau - scooping hand

10. Huen Sau

11. Dai Wong Cheung - low side palm

12. Huen Sau

13. Hau Jarn

Repeat on the right

Part 4.

1. Bong Sau - wing arm

2. Tan Sau

​3. Farn Cheung - reverse palm

4. Huen Sau

5. Hau Jarn

Repeat on the right

6. Gaun Sau

7. Tut Sau - freeing hand - 3x yat, yee, saam

8. Lin Van Kuen - chain punches

9. Huen Sau

10. Hau Jarn

11. Yue Pei - stand up straight

Here is a video link to the full first form: