"Amazing first time experience! Every instructor is very helpful and patient, especially the main teacher who is able to teach in a clear, concise and interactive manner. This is a martial art that is not only practical, but very useful for females, especially those who are more petite and don’t have as much strength. Highly recommended!"

Abigail, London

​This course focuses on dealing with the attacks often used against Women and defence against knifes. Wing Tsun is the only Martial Art designed by Women and is effective for all ages and levels!  Learn in a fun, friendly environment and experience:

  • Feel safer 
  • Greater confidence!!
  • Increased fitness and strength!!
  • Increased co-ordination!!

Attend 4 continuous lessons and be tested and certified on completion of the course. To book, please click/tap the payment button below, or call us on 07932 401520. 

Course price:  ONLY £19 (usual price £60)

Course date: 08-11 October 2019

Class schedule and locations: 

Tuesday - Victoria - 6:30-8pm

Wednesday - Old Street - 6:30-8pm

Thursday - Victoria - 6:30-8pm 

​Friday - Old Street - 6:30-8pm

Women's self defence - 1 Week Course

 *Limited places*

"I took the Women's Self Defense course and I could not recommend it enough. The instructors were great; really helpful, patient and supportive. Thank you very much guys for teaching me all those techniques!"

Ane, London

"I took the women's self defence free class today and it was was better than I could imagine. The Sifu and all the instructors/students are very patient and great at demonstrating and correcting moves and techniques. It has certainly boosted my self esteem. Had a great atmosphere and certainly recommend to anyone both female and male."

Lucy, London

"I have attended one of their self defence seminars and it was great: SiHing is an excellent teacher, very clear in his instructions, but also very nice and light-hearted. All the assistants were very nice and helpful and they will come and help you out throughout the exercise. I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in self-defence, as Wing Tsun seems a martial art easy to pick up that doesn't require a lot of physical strength."
Clarissa, London

​​WingTsun London​​